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“Tiger's Odyssey:A Journey with Maveli"!

This way, my children, and beware of the crooked hunters in this forest!!

In our game, you get to be the cute tiger cubs on a journey with King Mavelli from a secret place in the underworld to the beautiful Kerala kingdom. The tiger cubs have been practising hard for a whole year to show off their Pulikali dance skills, and everyone in the kingdom is super excited to see them dance. And guess what? You're going with King Mavelli, the wise and noble king who visits Earth once a year, for the amazing Onam festival. But wait, there's more! On the way, you'll have to beat tricky hunters and powerful Vamans.


Get ready to have a blast working together and enjoying a bit of magical storytelling in an adventure you'll never forget! It's the perfect game for the whole family to enjoy during weekends.🤩

Tiger's Odyssey: A Journey with Maveli board game

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  • "Hi, I am a new board game based on the magical fables behind the Onam festival and the demon king Maveli. I am made out of natural materials and am completely safe for you to enjoy playing. I also bring with me a packet full of dice and game markers. 🐯"

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We are also developing an intelligent board game playing, native languages speaking toy!!!🤖

You can now preorder for free, and we will contact you when the products are in stock. Maveli is getting ready and his tigers have just woken up 😊 , we will let you know as soon as they start their adventure!!!

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