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We Are

Revolutionizing Playtime: Our Interactive Toys Bring Fun and Innovation Together!

Welcome to our vibrant world of A.I. toys! We are proud to present our indigenously designed and developed collection; inspired by the rich culture, fables, and history of India.

We are KeralaToys (Ktoys. in), a new startup from Digital University Kerala, Trivandrum. Started by a small group of researchers at our School of Electronic Systems and Automation.

We believe that learning and playing should go hand in hand, and that's exactly what our toys offer - a perfect blend of education and entertainment. With our A.I. toys, you can dive into the magical world of Indian culture and history, learn about its diverse traditions, and develop a deeper sense of pride and belonging. From colourful characters based on popular fables to interactive games that encourage creativity and problem-solving skills, our toys offer something for everyone.

We are grateful for the support that our community has given us, and we are committed to assisting disabled children and pediatric patients through our products. So come and join us on this exciting journey, and let our A.I. toys help you and your kids - to learn, play, and grow together! 😊

What We Are About


We're not playing around with off-the-shelf electronics. We use custom-designed circuits, I.C.s, and multilayered P.C.B.s that are the envy of the industry. We use the latest technologies to give you the best toy experience possible!


Let's shake things up and capture the imagination of the younger generation with fresh designs and games! We're breathing new life into traditional favourites, like fables and classic characters, using artificial intelligence. Our designs spark creativity and keep kids entertained for hours.

Social commitment

Reviving the delightful characters, enchanting fables, and thrilling games that once filled our childhood with joy is a passion project we hold dear. But, our aspirations go beyond nostalgia. Our vision is rooted in the welfare and education of our disabled children and pediatric patients.

We believe that by combining your commitment to education and well-being with the timeless appeal of classic fables and games, we have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of many children.

Our Offices

Our workplace in trivandrum

Welcome to the heart of our startup: the electronics lab at our university! This is where we students, research scholars, and professors come together to experiment, innovate, and have a blast! Here fresh ideas are born and nurtured. 🌱

We’d Love to Work With You

Drop a mail for collaborations or career opportunities!

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