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About ktoys

Reimagining traditional games using AI

We're a dynamic startup that's breathing new life into old fables and games through Artificial intelligence. Our exciting products are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. We make traditional Indian toys, A.I. robot toys and board games

Have you seen our new Maveli toy!!

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Our Games

Introducing Our AI Maveli Toy 
(releasing soon)

A fun new board game has been introduced, along with it, a one-of-a-kind dice-throwing toy specifically designed for playing the game. Together, they offer a unique and exciting way to enjoy playing and strategizing.  
Help Lord Maveli and his fellow tigers to reach his kingdom!

64239627-square-with-rounded-corners-maze-puzzle-find-the-way-black-on-white (1).png

Maveli Board Game!

Find a way

Guide Maveli and his fellow tigers from the underground world back to Earth! Strategize to navigate obstacles and conquer puzzles along the way. The fate of Maveli and his friends is in your hands!


Dice throwing toy!

Smart dice

Dice-throwing Maveli toy. Can throw dice and then announce which face came up. We use smart sensors to detect the dice movements and gameplay. Welcome our cute chubby Maveli!


Speaks in Malayalam!

Speak up

Designed to speak the Malayalam language, providing an interactive and engaging experience for children who speak or are learning the language



Touch and Play

This touch-sensitive robot toy is designed to engage children in interactive play, with sensors that respond to touch and movement.

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